Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TV3 - Give It A Rest Already! Today is Hari Raya for God's Sake

We were all watching the 8 o'clock news on TV3 with my mom, sisters, her children and mine .. then suddently lo and behold, TV3 decided to mar and end this beautiful day by showcasing a piece about Saiful's (Liwat) Blog.

All I (and my family in chorus) can say when we say this piece is that GIVE IT A REST ALREADY .. please. For the love of God, today is Hari Raya.

Is it too much for TV3 to try and be decent at least for today? Why spoil this otherwise beautiful day with this piece on Saiful's blog? Who are you trying to convince to make viewers feel sorry for him .. he's young, healthy, looks strong enough to defend himself if anyone wanted to assault him (for God's sake, he is 6 feet tall). What is TV3 trying to achieve by showing this piece? Please Dato' Farid, you look like a nice guy .. don't do this anymore. Stop it - give people a break.

If you wanted to show a human interest story on Hari Raya, there are many many other stories to choose from. What not show a piece about the families of ISA detainees or anything from Karamjit Singh Walia (the only lone voice of humaneness and credibility in TV3 and the only reason to watch TV3 primetime news) ?

Monday, September 29, 2008

My little boy has just left to the open outside world

To me, my 2nd youngest son is still that little boy who used to hold my hand tightly and to hug whenever we go out anywhere. The fact that he is now not so little is immaterial. He will always be my little boy. In fact, all my children seem like that way to me. I don't see them as grown human beings but forever etch as my little girls and little boys. I still have one who is still little .. some might say she's not that little (she's nine going 10 soon).

I must give credit to my children that eventhough they are not that little anymore, they rarely try to drastically change my perception or to force me to accept the new realities.

I hope they will forever stay as my pure and lovable little girls and little boys forever. I am so blessed, thank you Allah.